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Facesitting and Teasing Wife wishes you welcome to its hot movie and picture collection of domestic smothering and femdom teasing! Video department of this site offers a full-length facesitting/cock teasing movie, broken down into video clips. These can be streamed and/or downloaded and saved for later viewing.
A word about the film first: it features a busty BBW femdom wife and her submissive husband (screenshots above). For a start, the hubby is ordered to lie down and make love to his mistress's wet pussy. The BBW femdom wife gets into bed and positions her gaping cunt onto her hubby's nose. Her hips begin to grind the victim, who does his best to pleasure the wife-mistress: we can see and hear him licking and slurping for dear life underneath the colossal femdom ass here. This fine smothering game goes on and on: the dominant wife rubs her wet pussy and ass on hubby's nose, lips and tongue. The lucky recipient of this intense facesitting treatment inevitably gets very excited, and soon displays a proud swelling south of the navel. He begins to stroke his stiff cock, but the dominant wife will have none of that. She climbs down and threatens the excited husband with a cane to cool him down a bit. Then she takes things in her own hands, and starts to tease his penis and scrotum!
A lengthy cock teasing session follows (screen captures above). The commanding BBW femdom wife spits on her husband's erection, then slowly smears the saliva all over his cock and balls. The husband-slave moans and moves his hips as she lightly caresses his wet dick and plays with his balls. As soon as the submissive's cock gets dry, the domme spits again, and the teasing continues. The wife builds up the slave's excitment even more by spitting on his nipples and rubbing the spit in while still teasing his erect dick!
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